Law Enforcement Against Perpetrators of the Crime of Burning Peatlands in Banjar Regency

Diana Haiti, Ahmad Syaufi, Daddy Fahmanadie, Aulia Pasca Diprina


Forest and land fires can have a tremendous impact, especially if the fires involve peatland fires. The purpose of this study is to find out and analyze law enforcement against peatland burning perpetrators in Banjar Regency, and the obstacles to Law Enforcement against peatland burning perpetrators in Banjar Regency. This type of research is an empirical/field legal research with data sources in the form of primary data and secondary data with research locations at the Banjar District Police and the South Kalimantan Provincial Forestry Service.The results showed that law enforcement against peatland burning perpetrators in Banjar Regency from 2019-2021 carried out by the Banjar Police Crime Unit and the Forestry Police of the South Kalimantan Province Forestry Service who entered the investigation stage amounted to 1 case, the causal factors (1) increased public awareness by not clearing land using the burning method, (2) due to natural factors that in 2020 and 2021 the dry season in South Kalimantan Province will not be prolonged, and (3) increasing socialization of forest and land fire prevention carried out by the authorities including the police. The obstacles in law enforcement against the perpetrators of burning peatlands in Banjar Regency are that there are no cases that have entered the investigation stage due to the absence of suspects and also the absence of witnesses who heard and saw the criminal act of burning peatlands. Lack of PPNS Polhut investigator personnel at the Forestry Service.



Burning; Law Enforcement; Peatlands

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