Penggunaan Asuransi terhadap Risiko Pelaksanaan Jabatan Notaris

Khairunnisa Noor Asufie, Yulia Qamariyanti, Rachmadi Usman


A notary is a public official appointed by an authorized official who plays a role in the field of civil law. The authority of the Notary is regulated in Article 15 of Act Number 2 of 2014 concerning Amendment to Law Number 30 Year 2004 concerning Acts of Notary Position. Regarding the authority of the Notary as a public official (openbaar ambtenaar) who has the authority to make authentic deeds can be burdened with responsibility for the authentic deed he made. The need for legal protection for Notaries against these risks, it is necessary to have an insurance / notary position insurance as a way of transferring risk. The legal problems that occur are the absence of an insurance product / Notary position insurance and the form of insurance / notary position insurance. The purpose of this study is to identify the urgency and form of insurance / coverage of the Notary Position. Legal research conducted is normative legal research by conducting research on the legal system. Legal research conducted by the author using a legislative approach, conceptual approach, and comparative approach. The urgency of the use of insurance protection / coverage of the Notary position is an important one as a way of transferring the risks faced by Notaries and as a form of maximum legal protection for Notaries in the execution of positions. The use of insurance / coverage against the risk of implementing a Notary can be in the form of Professional insurance more specifically in the form of Notary insurance which is part of insurance / general coverage which is insurance / loss coverage in the form of new products made by insurance companies / insurance as fulfillment of insurance / insurance needs for Notary in carrying out the position of Notary

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