Development of Indonesian Sharia Banks with Malaysia Comparation Method (Study of History, Products and Legal Assets)

Hagi Hutomo Mukti


Sharia banking is developed in response to economic and cultural groups
that are used to accommodate those who want the services to be carried out with
Islamic sharia principles and morals. The development of Sharia banks in Indonesia
and Malaysia needs to be studied more deeply because Malaysia first established
Sharia banks in 1983 through Bank Islam Malaysia Berhad (BIMB) while the first
sharia bank in Indonesia, which named Bank Muamalat, was burned in 1991, which
determines the direction of the progress of sharia banks in Indonesia with the provisions
of Law Number 10 of 1998 concerning Banking. Determine the amount of
assets from banks that have a ratio of 1: 10 with Malaysia considering the assets of
sharia banks in Indonesia amounted to US $ 35.62 billion while Malaysia reached
US $ 423.2 billion. This study focuses on the factors and effects of legal products
from the two countries in order to get more comprehensive study and know the relation
between the legal products with sharia banking development in Indonesia and



Islamic Bank; Comparison; Indonesia; Malaysia.

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